While all of our instruments are capable of stand-alone operation, using our intuitive and programmable software package, ImageTool (included), the entire series of instrumentation can also be directly connected to our centralized analysis server. This allows for automatic and unattended collection, archiving, and analysis of data.

Data as a Service (DaaS) provides a “field it and forget it” model for remote sensing. Once deployed and activated, these instruments are all controllable over the internet and our server can download the collected data at regular intervals. The data can then be processed at any level you require; the final data product will be sent to you while the raw data and intermediate data products are archived in the Amazon EC3 cloud.

For a live example, please see our neutralwinds.com website where Doppler imager data is collected nightly, processed, analyzed, and turned into geophysical data – automatically. This data is sent to several research groups and stored in the MADRIGAL database at the MIT Haystack/Millstone Hill Observatory.