SSI is honored to receive a prestigious R&D100 Award for its new Segmented Tunable Filter, distinguishing it as one of the 100 most technologically significant products introduced into the marketplace over the past year. This electro-optical filter is an innovation capable of simultaneously collecting spatial and spectral information while providing high spectral resolution and rapid tuning. Based on Fabry-Perot technology, this next-generation tunable optical filter achieves multiple, independently tunable filter segments on a single substrate. The patented technology is intended for use as the key dispersive element in hybrid multi-spectral
imaging systems.


Segmented Tunable Filter

  • Extension of award-winning
    LCFP technology
  • Multiple independently-tunable segments on a single substrate
  • Arbitrary size, shape, and number of segments
  • Each segment can be tuned to any wavelength within the operating range of the filter
  • Simultaneous collection of spatial and spectral information
  • Ideal for multi-spectral and hyper-spectral imaging applications
  • Very high spectral resolution
  • Rapid, solid-state tuning



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Imaging Spectrograph

Compact, Meridional Spectrograph has spectral resolution of less than 2 nm in the visible region and can image a 180˚ slice of sky onto 1392 x 1040 pixel CCD

Walden Small All-Sky Imager

All-Sky Imager with filter wheel. Images entire 180˚ field of view onto 1392 x 1040 pixel CCD

Lowell FPI 

Red-Line (6300Å) Fabry-Perot Interferometer

Liquid Crystal Fabry-Perot (LCFP)

LCFP tunable filter with thermal case and electronic connection. The LC is sandwiched between two glass substrates to form an etalon